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A Trust is a plan of action and asset management that covers the present and future. A person who sets up a trust transfers title of her/his assets and property to the trust. It is a legal agreement that states:

 Whose property is in the trust

 Who will manage those assets and property now and in the future

 What powers they have in management

 Who will benefit from your assets and property now and in the future

 When and how trust assets and property will be transferred to others


A Living Trust allows for the private management of your assets either by yourself or other people or professionals if you choose not to act as the trustee or become incapacitated. A Trust also allows your estate to avoid the time and expense of probate at your death.

Not everyone needs a Living Trust. The greater the risk of incapacity or death, the greater the need for a Living Trust. The greater the value of your assets, particularly if they include real property, the greater the need for a living trust.

Revocable Living Trust

Your last will states what will happen to your property upon your death. Without a Living Trust, Last Wills go through probate which means the Court supervises the distribution of your estate. Probate, at least in California, is expensive and time consuming. Anything that goes through the court system becomes public record.

A Living Trust and Pour-Over Will allow your estate to bypass the Probate Court Process.


Last Will & Testament

Also called an Inter Vivos Trust or a Grantor Trust.

If you have a Living Trust you still need a Last Will called a Pour-Over Will.

Testamentary Trust

A trust written in a Last Will. It comes alive after your death. Because it is contained in a Last Will, it must go through Probate.

Irrevocable Trust

An irrevocable trust is a trust that cannot be amended or revoked once created. These trusts are usually used for higher level tax planning.














































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