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Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, Probate Law

We accommodate a multitude of estate planning needs ranging from "plain vanilla" plans to special needs trusts, business succession planning, irrevocable trusts for strategic tax planning and wealth transfer, substance abuse protection trusts, to pet trusts. We offer complete, integrated Estate Planning which includes the four main documents: Revocable Living Trust, Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney for Management of Financial and Legal Affairs and Advance Health Care Directive. We also offer these documents individually. Please contact our office to discuss your specific needs.


Why does EVERYONE need an Estate Plan?

Some people believe they do not need an Estate Plan because they own limited assets or have no children.

If you have people or pets that you love and people or pets who love you, you need an Estate Plan.


Estate Planning is about "getting your personal affairs in order." Estate Planning is about making sure people and pets you love are taken care of and giving the people who love you the authority to help you in an emergency.


Reasons for Estate Planning

 Maintain control over your affairs in the event of emergency or catastrophe

 Take care of loved ones

 Enable loved ones to take care of you

 Avoid Conservatorship and Court

 Avoid Probate

 Maintain Privacy

 Reduce or eliminate tax liability

 Peace of Mind




































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